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Smile Smile Dental offers patients with traditional orthodontic treatment, braces and retainers to help create beautiful smiles. We currently offer metal and clear braces for our patients.

Orthodontic treatment isn’t always necessary at a very early age, especially because a child’s baby teeth will fall and re-grow into adult teeth. If orthodontic issues are expected, we’ll closely monitor the growth and alignment of the child’s teeth before beginning treatment for braces.

Smile Smile in Milton offers clear braces and metal braces for patients, depending on the type they prefer. Our orthodontic treatments areĀ also offered to adults who have healthy bones and gums. Our specialized orthodontic care for adults will ensure a long-lasting smile and help improve periodontal health. Adults too can now choose between traditional metal or clear as well as Invisalign.

Traditional and Clear Braces are Available

Metal braces are the most common type among patients. These braces are made from medical quality stainless steel and each bracket is attached to a tooth with a special adhesive. An arch wire is placed throughout the brackets and kept in place with tiny elastics. Our younger patients are usually excited in being able to choose different colours for their elastics, adding a unique look to their braces. New elastic colours are chosen every time the dentist changes the arch wire.

Clear braces are visually less intrusive and they provide a more subtle appearance and they are a preferred option for adult and older teens. Our clear braces are also great for working professionals who meet new people and engage in many face-to-face interactions, such as client or business meetings.

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