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A common misconception that many individuals have is that they believe dental sealants are only for children. In essence, it is a preventative measure that helps you avoid tooth decay. It is a painless procedure available not only for children, but adults as well. Our experienced dentists at Smile Smile Dental can provide you or your child with the treatment needed for the prevention of dental health problems.

It is a painless dental cosmetic procedure that is can be done in our office. A dentist will first examine your teeth to make sure your gums and teeth are healthy. Once it is safe to do so, a type of acrylic will be painted onto your teeth, while allowing it to settle into the grooves as well. The sealant will act as a barrier against plaque, tooth decay and discoloration. In general, dental sealants will last several years before they would need to be replaced.

As mentioned earlier, even though children are most commonly offered this cosmetic dental procedure – it is also becoming popular among teens and adults. Speak to your Milton dentist today to find out if you are a suitable candidate for this procedure. Sealants are completely unnoticeable; even you won’t notice that they are there.

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These fissure sealants are usually placed on chewing surfaces of an individual’s premolar, permanent molar or primary teeth. Due to their location in the mouth and the extensiveness of their use while chewing, they are the most commonly susceptible for tooth decay. It is one of the reasons why dentists recommend dental sealants for young children – so that they are protected early on.

Dentists can help patients prevent tooth decay with proper application of fissure sealants. It ideally prevents all bacteria and food from getting stuck within the grooves of your teeth. If you are interested in learning more about the benefits of tooth decay prevention, you can always speak to one of our dental experts at Smile Smile Dental.

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