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Wisdom Teeth Removal Milton

Smile Smile Dental has been helping young adolescents and adults with the removal of their wisdom teeth for a number of years. In most cases, wisdom teeth begin to grow out between the ages of seventeen and twenty-five. For individuals who have lost a tooth, the addition of the wisdom tooth may not be an issue. However, for someone who has all their teeth – the wisdom tooth can be a problem.

One of the main reasons why dentists recommend wisdom teeth removal is because it can lead to severe pain, discomfort and even change the alignment of your other teeth. Wisdom teeth try to grow into a crowded mouth – which leads to them pushing the other teeth forward. For someone who has had orthodontic treatment, it can be serious problem. Rest assured that our dentists provide wisdom teeth removal at our Milton clinic

As the individual nears their teenage years, the dentist will have x-rays done to see how the wisdom teeth are coming along. In many cases, wisdom teeth come in at an angle, which can be painful and discomforting. With the help of modern day x-rays, a dentist can plan for a wisdom teeth procedure before the tooth has come out of the gums.

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Even though most dentists recommend wisdom teeth removal, not everyone has them removed. Most people will consider removing their wisdom tooth only when they are experiencing severe pain.

A wisdom teeth treatment is done while the patient is under sedation and does not take long. At Smile Smile Dental, all wisdom teeth removals are done by experienced oral surgeons. If the surgery required stitches, you will need to avoid certain foods until the stitches are removed. According to many patients who have gone through wisdom teeth treatment, the procedure is painless, while the recovery can be a little discomforting.

For young teens that may be in school, we suggest having the procedure done at the end of a week or near school holidays. It will provide the patient enough time to recover over the weekend or holiday.

If you feel you are experiencing pain from an impacted wisdom tooth, please call our dental clinic today for an appointment. One of our dentists will have a look at your situation and see what needs to be done.